ViralWall™ combines advanced air purification and social distancing into a portable tabletop device to create a safer work environment for employees.

Our patented laser induced graphene technology cleans the air on a micron level capturing 99% of all airborne pathogens. When placed between people the device creates an invisible Air-Wall preventing the spread of air droplets and airborne particles to create safe zones at work. Include ViralWall™ in your corporate distancing plan to get employees back to work safely.

ViralWall™ Advantages

Kills Germs

Captures and eliminates up to 99% of airborne bacteria, viruses and micro particles

Social Distancing

Creates an invisible air screen between areas and people to enforce social distancing

Graphene Filter

First air purifier using the wonder material graphene to deliver superior filtering results

Tabletop Device

Slick and portable device that can be placed on any table or counter area

Air Exchange Capacity

Can cover rooms as large as 215 sq. ft (20㎡) and refresh the air 5 times per hour

Get Back to Work Safely See how ViralWall™ can fit into your Corporate Distancing Plan

Social Distancing the Easy Way

Get back to work safely, create safe zones between people

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Getting back to office the safe way.

Place ViralWall™ between the participants of a meeting to create an invisible separation that supports social distancing.

Exhaled air is captured, filtered and circled back as clean air.
The patented graphene filter cleans the air on a micron-level killing 99% of all airborne germs.

Office Space

Office Space

Getting back to office the safe way.

Equip every desk with a ViralWall™ device to create safe zones for all your employees.

Enjoy clean germ-free air throughout the entire office space.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Create a safer environment in dining rooms and cafeterias. Position a ViralWall™ device on a table or counter to create an invisble air screen between your employees.

The small and practical device filters the air on a micron-level cleaning the air from airborne bacteria, viruses and other harmful particles.



Add ViralWall™ at customer interaction points to create an invisible screen that supports social distancing between customers and employees.

Airborne germs and particles are filtered on the spot.

Kills Germs and Cleans the Air

Our patented Laser-induced Graphene Filter eliminates 99% of airborne germs and aerosol particels

DNA viruses
Tobacco smoke
Mold spores
Pet allergens
Household dust
RNA viruses

Get Back to Work Safely See how ViralWall™ can fit into your Corporate Distancing Plan

ViralWall™ Simulation

These two illustrations provide a scientific visualization of the invisible screen that ViralWall™ is creating and describe the air speed distribution from a front and side view.

The sucked in air is cleaned and filtered and exits the device at a speed of roughly 9 mph (4 meter/second) creating an air wall that is about 4ft (1.2 meter) wide and 5ft(1.6 meter) high, well above the height of a person sitting at a table.

ViralWall™ Specifications

Graphite Black

Black body + gray front panels

Seashell White

White body + gray front panels

Product Size
W 15.8 in (40cm)
H 6.3 in (16 cm)
D 3.2 in (8.2 cm)

Air cleaning levels
3 levels

Filter change indicator
Low power consumption

Power outlet

Air screen size
4ft (1.2 m) wide x 5ft (1.6 m) high

Air exchange capacity
Level 3: 58 CFM / 80 m3/h
Covers rooms as large as 215 sq. ft. (20m2)
Recycles the air 4 x per hour

1 Year Limited Warranty

Get Back to Work Safely See how ViralWall™ can fit into your Corporate Distancing Plan